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Programme Overview

Our maker programmes focus on creating physical objects and devices with digital tools and technologies. We have offered a wide range of programmess to schools, which we can implement on-premise or via remote learning platforms.

Learn how smart components can be adapted in diorama homes


• How to make use of upcycled materials around the household 

• How to program the BBC micro:bit using the Makecode programming environment
• How to 3D design in Tinkercad to create 3D printed items in homes, such as furniture

• How to weave with mini loom kit, that can be decorated as rugs
• How to incorporate lights and sounds in your Smart Home

My Smart Home

Upper Primary

Lower Secondary

16H Duration

Create puzzle pieces in teams and assemble them into a project


• How to 3D model puzzle piece designs on Tinkercad
• Build team bonding within organisations and schools

3D Printing Puzzle Piece

School Cohort

Corporate Training

3H Duration

Assistive Living Devices