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Our background

Welcome to the World of Tinkermind! We believe that learning and education is fun! Let’s discover new things through tinkering as a Maker. Our training programs emphasize the use of both minds and hands to create objects that exercise the imagination. 

Learn creative problem-solving skills through our applied learning programs that will expose you to both the latest technology and traditional craftwork.

Our engaging maker-centric programs aim to strengthen interest and capabilities in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM), as well as build problem-solving and 21st-century learning competencies (as defined by MOE).

Come join us in this experiential journey and upgrade yourself through ways you may never have thought possible! Be a Maker, Be a Tinkermind!

September 2018

Appointed by IMDA and NLB as Anchor Operator for our National Library's Makerspaces

We are a team of maker educators, having led talent development programs in local schools and maker curriculum in maker spaces outside Singapore.

Set up our Makerspace and Piloted Maker Programs

tinkermind set up our first makerspace and started piloting maker programs using emerging technologies like 3D printing and micro-controllers in our maker space

Expanded our School Maker Programs offerings covering 3D Printing, Art, Coding, Gamification

We expanded our maker programs covering 3D parametric modeling, game design, art and coding for primary and secondary schools

Started School Programs on Design Thinking and Prototyping with 3D Printing

tinkermind was awarded a 2+2 year contract by IMDA/NLB, to anchor operations, programme design and staffing for PIXEL Labs, which are public maker spaces in our National Libraries, creating awareness of making techniques and emerging technologies, e.g. 3D printing, coding and robotics, crafting, etc

Founding Team of Maker Educators

tinkermind designed and implemented programs using 3D printing applied to the design thinking framework in secondary schools

Started STEAM-based and Maker Program Curriculum Consultancy and Teacher Training

With our maker curriculum expertise, we moved towards consultancy training for teachers on how maker and STEAM education can be brought into mainstream curriculum and subjects

First Half 2019

Expanding our Team, Capabilities and Partnerships

We expanded our team with wider and deeper experiences, across different making domains and technologies. We are also growing partnerships with like-minded maker companies.

Second Half 2019

First Half 2020

Shifting our Maker Programs Online

COVID-19 presented us with opportunities to bring our maker programmes online. We have to expand our reach to more schools locally and the region!

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