Welcome to the World of Tinkermind! We believe that learning and education is fun! Let’s discover new things through tinkering as a Maker. Our training programmes emphasise the use of both minds and hands to create objects that exercise the imagination. 

Learn creative problem solving skills through our applied learning programmes that will expose you to both the latest technology and traditional craftwork.

Our engaging maker-centric programmes aim to strengthen interest and capabilities in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM), as well as build problem-solving and 21st century learning competencies (as defined by MOE).

Come join us in this experiential journey and upgrade yourself through ways you may never have thought possible! Be a Maker, Be a Tinkermind!



Co-Founder, General Manager

Stanley Chua is the founder of Clover Global IT Equipment and Supplies, a leading provider known for its commitment to providing the highest quality of customer service.

A trained engineer, Stanley hopes that the maker culture in Singapore will continue to strengthen and inspire the younger generation.

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