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Join tinkermind and Get Making!

Passionate about education and making? If you're creative and love working with people, join us as a freelancer to create curriculums for maker programmes and help manage public events. We are open to the exploration of new ideas and value the growth mindset, with engaging training and sharing sessions weekly. Let's have fun tinkering!

Job Opportunities

Maker Coach - Freelancer


You are a Maker. Your projects are your passion, and you have developed unique skills from the many mistakes that you have made. Crafting? Robotics? 3D Printing? It doesn’t matter. You delight in the possibility of sharing that passion with other people.


You are patient with new learners and provide the time and space to let others exercise their Maker muscles. You enable discovery through your actions and have a smile on your face through the process. Seeing others make things brings you joy.


You are the future of making.


  • Share professional knowledge and skills with technologies including, but not limited to: 3D Design and Printing, Coding and Robotics, Sewing, Videography, Laser Cutting, Vector Graphics, and Digital Cutting 

  • Interact with public visitors and provide relevant information accessible to their individual skills and needs

  • Conduct offsite content and engage with external audiences

  • Contribute ideas for online content and be willing to present online content in a livestreamed setting

  • Provide exemplary customer service and facilitate a safe and comfortable making atmosphere

  • Display skill and care whilst conducting technical physical and digital making workshop content


  • At least one 4 hour long engagement per week

  • Opportunities for additional offsite and online engagements contingent upon Maker Coach's aptitude and experience 


  • Technical expertise with at least two of the following technologies: 3D Printers, Microcontrollers, Robotics Kits, Laser Cutters, Digital Cutters, Basic Lighting and Videography Equipment, Hand Sewing, Machine Sewing, and Digital Cutters

  • Prior experience with delivering STEAM-based educational content considered an asset

  • Knowledge and passion for Maker Culture and the Maker Movement

  • Strong oral communication skills, particularly for delivering technical information in an engaging style

  • Ability to work within dynamic, flexible conditions


To apply for this position, please attach a recent copy of your resume/CV and send an e-mail with subject title "Your Name - Maker Coach CV" to

tinkermind thanks all interested applicants, and will contact only those parties that it wishes to interview. 

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