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Every learner should be provided the toolset to fully explore their capabilities and interest in helping others using physical and digital technologies.

Makercentric and STEAM programmes, training and curriculum consultancy 


Corporate Training & Team Programmes

Whether it's workshop programmes or equipment usage trainings, our corporate training aims to serve as entry points into deisgn and modelling for individuals with little to no technical background, harnessing their potential for design.

Teacher Training & Curriculum Consultancy

Incorporate STEAM-based maker-centric lesson plans into the curriculum to keep students engaged and develop new skillsets. We also provide teacher training sessions to facilitate these maker-centric lessons and on equipment usage.

Student Programmes

We believe that learning should be fun and interactive! Our engaging workshop programmes aim to develop creative problem-solving skills and computational thinking with the 5 stages of design thinking process, as well as the exploration of interests.

Makerspace Setup

Transform your space into a creative makerspace! We believe that a maker environment encourages us to delve into our creative minds and establishes collaborative learning. We offer makerspace setup and advise on the technology and tools that will fit your requirements.


Holiday & Online Maker Programmes

Programming with the micro-board 2 days-Camp

$465 (incl. GST)

Come and join us for a fun and enriching 2-days STEAM camp during the school holidays where the programmes are crafted to spark the interest in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics (STEAM), through guided hands-on experience coding micro-boards.

This course is open to participants aged 9 – 14 year old. They will learn to work with the microbit and kittenboard meowbit boards and learn to create code and create different games and play those games on the Meowbit. At the end of the camp, the participants will bring their coded micro-boards home (valued at almost $100).


9-10 December 2020 [ 1 slot left]

14-15 December 2020

Stay tuned for more holiday programmes!

629 Aljunied Road, Cititech Industrial Building #08-05

Singapore 389838 

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Tinkerpen Activity

Kid excited for his first time using the tinker pen!