Tinkermind is looking for makers and tinkerers to join our team! We’re looking for passionate individuals to come on board as full-time staff that can contribute to our journey in shaping maker education in Singapore. As part of the position, one can be expected to:


  • Teaching/Instruction:

    • Facilitate and conduct workshops on utilising various 3D softwares 
    • Co-create effective and engaging content for educational programmes alongside the Tinkermind team and lead curriculum developer


  • Design​:

    • Enhance curriculum materials with strong visual designs to engage participants and convey educational concepts

    • Contribute towards product design and marketing

    • Utilise 3D design software to design and create products for the company and its clients


  • Business Development​:

    • Conduct B2B outreach to institutions (ITE, JC, Polytechnics, international schools, tertiary and training institutes) and maker communities

    • Identify business opportunities to grow and influence maker education within Singapore and the region

Apart from the tasks above, we are looking for driven and friendly individuals who are: 


  • Passionate about maker culture and hands-on learning

  • Creative and ready to engage wholeheartedly in collaborative curriculum and content creation with the team

  • Comfortable working with children and adults

  • Adaptable, and willing to further develop and attain competencies in various fields related to the maker education space

  • Fun and approachable, with minimal experience in teaching/tutoring or is willing to develop competencies in these areas

  • Experienced in managing website content on platforms such as Wix

  • Intermediate experience with parametric modelling 3D Design software such as Fusion 360, Solidworks, or Onshape.

  • Experience with slicing software such as Cura, Simplify3D, or Slic3r

  • Basic to intermediate experience with FDM 3D printing

  • Basic experience withAdobe Photoshop or graphics editing equivalent such as Gimp


  • Experience with sculptural and/or NURBS 3D Modelling software such as Maya, 3D Studio Max, ZBrush, or Rhin

  • Other complimentary maker-skills such as air-brushing, model-making etc

If you think you'd be a great match for our team, we'd love to have a chat!
Do reach out to Eric Chua ( with your CVs and any other relevant materials. 

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